My Top 5 When You Don’t Know Where To Start

By Brenton Wells

July 24, 2021


Starting a new wellbeing journey can be difficult, especially if you've not had success before . So where to begin this time? Jump on google and just type in fitness and within seconds you'll be bombarded with millions and millions of pages of info. So which ones are right? Which are bogus and full of S***? 

Like you, I've in the past been in this same predicament. After the years now spent in the fitness industry and helping hundreds of people with their wellness, fitness and weight loss here's my tips on how I've helped people with their success and achieve their goals. And being upfront about a lack of time is not the issue. Read on to find out how you can kick off your wellness journey with the best outcome of achieving your goals. 

1. Journal Everything

Whether it's daily positive affirmations, tracking how you feel or your daily consumed food and drink a journal can keep you more on track than you've previously thought. Some people struggle to find good things to see and speak of about themselves. For these clients certainly a grateful journal or positive affirmation journal is great. It helps them to change how they look and perceive their body.

Tracking food intake is like a light bulb moment for a lot of people. I mostly help people that are overweight and have decided their goal is weight loss. I never tell people what their goals should be and feel this is a very personal topic. But if I have a client that specifies they'd like to lose weight than journalling for at least 1-2 weeks everything that's consumed is a positive start. Why? 8/10 people that are asked on a scale of 1-10 how healthy is the food and drink you consume, most people will usually say I'm a 7 or 8 out of 10. In reality though without having the insight to exactly what foods are consumed it's very hard to assist people with weight loss without seeing the full picture. It's a light bulb moment though because it's all the little things not thought of that can add over the space of a week. 

2. No Stupid Diets

Let's get real for a second here. You don't need a stupid crazy diet to lose weight, and frankly most of the time these types of diets aren't great for you anyway. If you want long lasting results you need to learn how to positively live with the food choices you're making. A healthy focus on enjoying a balanced diet is the key to your success! Which means.... you can still enjoy some pasta and some bread, heck even some pizza. All these low carb, no carb, keto, protein heavy and whatever else is out there diets may work in the short term but for the majority of people like you and me, we'll struggle to continue on these restrictive diets long term. And then what happens? The weight comes back. So finding a balance in what you consume is the key to your long lasting results. Today is the day to say NO to stupid diets and YES to feeling healthy for the right reasons.

3. Find Someone Who Aligns With Your Vision For Motivation And Direction

You've heard it here. If you're the on again, off again type of person that yo-yos up and down you need someone to help with guidance and direction through your journey. Whether it's a friend thats achieved health goals or a professional like a personal trainer, a dietician, or even all mentioned combined. You'll absolutely increase your rate of success if you invest in yourself. This is why I mostly take on new clients that are focused on weight loss. Why? I've been the yoyo weight person, I've been overweight, I've had negative views about my body and most of all I've trained and learnt how to lose weight and keep it off. It's just as much (if not more) a mental game than an exercise and movement situation.

4. Move More

I'm not telling you to go and start training for a marathon or become a bodybuilder. This is about making small changes in your daily habits to move more. The more you move the more you'll burn extra energy which in turn will assist in reducing weight. For example a lunch time walk, a personal training session a couple of times a week, walking the dog (or the kids) of an evening, 10 squats every time you get up from your desk. You have to use the time you have available to you to create new habits to make change. Not only is moving more great for weight loss overall, but you're body will generally love you for it. You might find those lower back aches start to fade, your tight and sore neck become looser. Moving more has more benefits than just weight loss. 

5. Accept You're Going To Slip Up But It's Not The End Of The World

We're all human. The reality is something is going to come up that will try and beat you mentally. It could mean you end up drinking some wine, eating a chocolate, or consuming whatever it is you turn to. S*** happens. You've got to own it and move on. One chocolate isn't going to de-rail your goals so it's time to learn acceptance and just get on with it. Beating yourself up isn't going to help the situation but learning from it for the next time is the key. 

I hope that this has helped you get some direction and inspiration to get started. If you're still completely lost reach out! I help people everyday that live anywhere. The beauty about technology is that we can connect wherever you or I may be located. Check out how training with me can help you achieve your goals by clicking HERE.

Leave a comment below if there's something else you'd love to see me write about. Until next time stay safe and healthy. 


Brenton Wells

About the author

There was a time I wasn't happy, I lacked self confidence and had some serious "trying to live up to everyone" else's standards of my body. I got real, changed my focus and the rest fell into place. You can have that too! Let me show you how.. because it's your time to feel great and not let your body define who you are!

- Brenton

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