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Starting a new wellbeing journey can be difficult, especially if you've not had success before . So where to begin this time? Jump on google and just type in fitness and within seconds you'll be bombarded with millions and millions of pages of info. So which ones are right? Which are bogus and full of S***? Like you, I've in the past been in this same predicament. After the years now

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It's time to forget the fat & find true inspiration and happiness to enjoy your life. From my stories to my members stories it's great to know you're aren't in this alone. Your body doesn't define who you are! I'd love for you to share your story with me and my community to help others with their personal journeys. Click below to get in contact with me.


My Top 5 When You Don’t Know Where To Start
Goals – By You, For You
Resistance Workout 3

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Push Your Limits
Venice – Running Tour
Paris See The Sights – Half Marathon Running Tour

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Sonia’s Journey

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